The Gospel Knols Library

Here is a collection of reports and talks that are either discussed, quoted, or presented in the Gospel Knols blog posts.

Feel free to download and print anything within the library and share it with your friends.

General Communication Reports

The Recipe for Success:  There are three ingredients for success.

Ted and Ting Level 1 This covers the first skill in Powerful Listening and explains the basic concepts of effective communication.

Ted and Ting Level 2: This covers skills 2, 3, and 4 in Powerful Listening. Not recommended until you’ve spent weeks practicing Ted Level 1.

Rules of Engagement: The Me and You Pyramid with my ROE.

Clarity is Power: seeking understanding is gaining clarity. The greater the clarity, the greater the understanding.

The Road to Mediocrity: Two curses equals mediocrity. The curse of competence and the curse of complacency.

The Me Pyramid: This is the home of all Blind Spots and the start of learning to protect your boundaries.

The You Pyramid: This is where you want to live, communicate, and go through life.

3 Layers of Truth in Communicating: Official, Ground, and Underground truth.

Trust at Work: what role does trust play in the space you share at work?

Trust In Marriage Reports

Blind Spots in Marriage: 10 Blind Spots in marriage to discuss and avoid

Dating Above The Belt: notes on the concepts used for effective dating

Trust In Parenting Reports

Blind Spots in the Family: 10 Blinds Spots parents fall into usually because their parents taught them how

3 Things Parents Should Never Do: A deeper focus on three specific Blind Spots

Neutral Feedback in the Family: Story of Samuel and dad playing Wii at Christmas

Parental Operating System: An operating system for parents

Sam’s Brain: Learn how my 8-year’s mind works and a suggestion on dealing with ADD behavior when doing homework.

Missionary Work

Control vs. Power: teaching the gospel means you must relinquish power to the investigator

Missionary Training: powerpoint slides on the Purpose of Communication, Door approach, Church Tour, and teaching the First discussion. It also covers communication rules, the Law of Reciprocity, the Trust Diagram, The You and Me Pyramid diagrams, Missionary Pain Priority Plan, & Change of Mindset.

Talks and Lessons

How To Give a Talk: This is a simple guide to giving an effective talk. It breaks many of the paradigms practiced by traditional LDS speakers.

Jesus Christ: talk given on Oct 2009 on the Savior.

The Bitter Cup: we hear this term used often. What is the history of the word and how does it apply to us?

Building Trust with our Youth: talk given to the Stake Leadership on developing trust with our youth.

Repentance & Forgiveness in the Atonement: Talk given to the Minter Creek Ward on Nov. 20, 2011

Father’s Day Tribute: Talk given in 2008 on Father’s day.

Sacrifice: Talk given in 2013, Wollochet Ward

An Easter Sermon: The apostate Rabbinic Judaism is dead. The Savior ushers in the Dispensation of the Meridian of Time

A Memorable Christmas Gift: Talk given to the YSA Branch in Dec. 2010

Christmas Adam slide presentation: This is the research I’ve conducted on the various Christmas traditions and beliefs.

Christmas Adam 2015: Updated slides, quiz, the Hebrew Betrothal process.

ARP Material

Keynote Presentation in pdf: all the slides used in the training and recovery program. I have included two versions, the first link is 3 slides per page and the second link is a page per slide. (Link 1 and Link 2)

Introduction to Gig Harbor ARP basic introduction to our Gig Harbor tribe

Talk on Addiction I wrote this talk to introduce how addiction works and the history of the Roman and Greek civilization and their addiction to the flesh

The Drugs/Chemicals of Addiction Dopamin, Oxytocin, Seratonin, Adrenaline (Epinephrine)

Bishop’s interview – suggested questions and format for a regular Bishop’s interview

Passion vs. Addiction there is a difference between passion and addiction. One is physical intimacy and the other is sex. They are not the same.

The Anger Test Are you addicted to anger?

The 12 Steps of ARP print out and bring to class

The Essence of the 12 Steps: An overview of the 12-steps and the essence of each step

Sponsorship information on being or getting a sponsor

5 Steps to Attending ARP print out and become familiar with this report

Meeting Agenda print out and bring to class

The Warrior Gene research on the Maori tribe’s warrior gene

Behavior Addictions research that shows behavior can be addictive

Food Addiction research on food addicton

Dopamine the role of dopamine.

Bullying-Evidence of Nurture over Nature study on bullying and the role of the family, specifically the mother

What is Forgiveness and What it is not blog post from Dr. Fred Luskin’s book: Forgive For Good

What Studies Reveal About Forgiveness:  blog post from Dr. Fred Luskin’s book: Forgive For Good

Freedom Checklist for Pornography: This is a two-page checklist if you are serious about avoiding triggers.

Bishop’s Checklist: this is a matrix that outlines the resources available for Bishops and other ward leaders.

Coding slide: the full list of coding filters, Emotional Intelligence, 7 Micro Skills, The Me/You Pyramids

Mylination slide: the pattern on how to myelinate behavior

Empathy report: a treatise on the meaning of empathy.

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  1. Lorraine,

    Under the Trust In Marriage heading click on The Blind Spots in Marriage. Then print, study, and practice Ted Level 1. If you want to build trust with your husband, it starts with learning some different skills. After you’ve become skilled at withholding your unsolicited opinions read, study, and practice Ted Level 2. Make sure to print the Rules of Engagement and do your best to abide by the rules. Have them always with you until you’ve become skilled at them.


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