Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?

For those of you familiar with our Christmas Adam tradition, you will recall that in the last few years I’ve included a section on Wisdom (Asherah). With the subsequent interpretation as our Mother in Heaven.asherah

I’ve attached a small excerpt from a review of Dr. Barker’s book for your reading pleasure.

Barker’s Thesis for The Mother of the Lord

A World Without Intellect

My son Andrew sent his homework assignment to me recently and I thought you’d enjoy a good read.


Andrew Himmer

February 18, 2010

English 201

Synthesis Essay

A World Without Intellect

Among the many diseases plaguing our society none are more corrosive and dangerous than anti-intellectualism. Logic, reason, creativity, critical analysis, and pursuit of knowledge are among the qualities contained in intellect. This is not to be confused with the intellectualism which omits God. Intellectualism is the exploration of learning. Reason and rational thought at the expense of emotion, are discouraged in the LDS and public education. Evidence of the prejudice of mental expression is present in our Church meetings, our conversations, and in our education system. This inclination is perpetuated by Television entertainment, and a general sense of apathy. Such a disease can only be controlled by increasing one’s knowledge through reading and study.