Yeast and Unleavened Bread

Yeast is the leaven in bread.

Before the Passover evening, the Israelites were commanded to remove all the leaven or yeast from their houses. During the Passover meal, they were to eat unleavened bread.


Anciently, yeast was viewed as a corruptible agent. Although yeast makes bread rise, it also causes fermentation. Perhaps it was Jehovah’s way of teaching Israel to remove all corruption from their lives.

It may have also represented man’s inability to rise from corruption and put on incorruption without the gospel and without the Savior. Without the atonement, no man can put on incorruption for resurrection is not possible without Jesus Christ.

Faith Requires Faith

Faith requires Faith
Joseph F. McConkie

Alma 32:21    faith is not a perfect knowledge; you cannot exercise faith in a principle that is not true.

Abel offered a sacrifice of the firstlings of the flock – true principle – accepted
Cain offered a sacrifice of the fruit of the ground – false principle – not accepted.

If it’s not faith it’s a sin (TPJS p. 58).  It’s not an issue of emotion; it’s an issue of law.
Those who don’t know the truth about God can still receive revelation because they were born with knowledge of the truth, the Light of Christ.  They usually don’t pray to a gaseous entity but to a loving Father Who is like them.