BYU Education Week

2014 BYU Education Week Slides

Teach vs. Tell Series

  1. The Anatomy of a Conversation
  2. The Pitfalls of Telling
  3. Missionary work: Teach the Gospel or a Used-Car Salesman
  4. Parenting

Emotional Intelligence

  1. The 5 Competencies of EI
  2. EI at work
  3. Helicopter Parenting
  4. Grievances, Gripes, and Taking Offense

2013 Presentation at BYU Education Week on

Emotional Intelligence and how to avoid Grievances, Gripes, and Taking Offense.


Click here for the slides.

Click here for the Airport Story, which is a talk delivered on repentance.

Click here for the research on WW Phelps and Joseph Smith by Larry Barkdull.

You can view the slides of the presentation in sequence without commentary. However, if you watch completely through, you can listen to the choir’s rendition of The Spirit of God” and “Praise to the Man” including the video that was shown during the Fireside.





4 thoughts on “BYU Education Week”

  1. I was somewhat pleased with myself after hearing your TALK on repentance last night. I felt I fit in the groove of things; yet I know I have the opportunity to improve much in my life! My husband says I am too critical. So maybe next time you give this lecture you will advertise again and let me know when I can obviously learn a LOT MORE!!!!
    I was too pleased with myself, I wayyyy sure! Humility is not one of my stronger suits.
    Yes, I have much to learn!

  2. I am sorry this is so late in getting back to you. I have been gone and now home until a week before Thanksgiving. Thank you very much for sending me all the information from your talk with us titled “Emotional Intelligence and how to avoid Grievances, Gripes, and Taking Offense” from education week. I truly enjoyed all you had to share with us. I have learned to always be open to being taught either by the speaker or/and by the Holy Spirit. In this case it was definitely by both. I also get very excited when I hear conformation from someone who is instructing that what I am doing is right. I got some of that too. All in all I am very grateful I attended and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. It was very well presented. Sister Behmer

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