Priesthood Authority

I really enjoyed conference weekend. My highlight was probably Elder Oakes and how he addressed the Priesthood. Here are a few bullets that I especially enjoyed:
  • Women function in their calling with the authority of the Priesthood
  • Men and women have reciprocal authority
  • Only men will ever be ordained to a Priesthood office
  • Men are not the Priesthood, they function within the Priesthood
  • Only women have the God-given power of creation
  • Marriage is a full partnership – not a limited one
  • Women and men are equal with different responsibilities
  • Women and men are both endowed with priesthood power while serving in the temple
  • Stop caring about “rights” and focus on responsibilities
The last bullet connected his message. Those in opposition to how the Lord has organized His church are probably mistaking how it is being administered by mortals and inserting their perceptions of how it should be done.
The priesthood and its blessings are not a right, just like passing the Sacrament is neither a right nor a mandate, it is an honor and an act of service. It is designed to be given away and not received.

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  1. I appreciate this post because it was also a source of discussion in my home with my sons as they returned from that session. I think it is great that you took the time to put it up so quickly after conference. T~

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